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Golf Lessons

Golf lessons and Golfcourse Management 

If you still have to decide which hotel or which transfer company to book, Play-Better-Golf have made some excellent contacts in the Algarve. All of our accommodation has been thoroughly checked and comes highly recommended. Some of you are organising groups to play golf in Portugal but miss out on playing competitions. If you have a group of 16 players or more we will set up the course of your choice for your own competition. We will even put up a Play-Better-Golf trophy for the winner. We look forward to hearing from you.
Algarve Golf Holidays with discount Green Fees for all of Algarve's golf courses. Promotions on golf packages with transfers and hotels or just special offers on Green Fees.  For those travelling with 8 or more players we have a very special group deal between November and February. (8x1=7) If you like, we will meet your group at Faro airport. All you have to do is decide where to play Golf in the Algarve; Centrally located Vilamoura surrounded by  some classic golf courses including the Old Course; West Algarve where we have some special offers with the Pestana Group;  East Algarve where you can play the fabulous Quinta da Cima course. Why not try and improve your golf during your Algarve golf  holiday. PlayBetterGolf-Algarve gives you the chance to book golflessons at a reduced rate of €30.00 per 1 hour lesson. Study your own swing with our video analyses and iron out those regular faults. You'll play better golf. Have a look at our golftips page, you never know it might give you the golftip you have been looking for.  Some players have not played any of the Algarve courses before and you may want some information on which Algarve golfcourse to play. Remember,  to enjoy your golf best play a golfcourse that suits your handicap. If you want some advise please contact Playbettergolf-Algarve and we will be more than happy to help you choose the right golf itinerary. We do offer a very special package for the Faldo golfcourse, the O'connor course and the adjacent academy course. A six round package , free accommodation, complimentary range balls, buggies and golf instruction. It also qualifies you for reduced greenfees for other Oceanico courses. Restricted number of packages available! Play-Better-Golf is part of Vista Travel Services (germany)                  (literature)       top 100 sport sites ( holland )                  (info site)
Contact us: 0844 589 8520
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Extra Special 

Club rental included
(Callaway / Taylor Made)

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Golf Tuition 

We are dedicated to improving your golfing skills. Whether you're playing of a high or low handicap
we will improve your individual technique. Our Golf Pro's will give you expert advise on how to hit 
further and straighter! 
Golf Lessons Only
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Golf Instruction for 1, 2 ,3 or 4 golfers:
The  prices are per course and not per person  

  2 days x 2 hrs = € 180.00
  2 days x 3 hrs includes video analysis € 250.00

  3 days x 2 hrs = € 270.00
  3 days x 3 hrs includes video analysis € 375.00*

  4 days x 2 hrs = € 360.00
  4 days x 3 hrs includes video analysis € 505.00*

   ( *includes complimentary PlayBetterGolf-Algarve polo-shirt ) 
Golf Lessons and golfcourse management

Golf Instruction for 1, 2 ,3 or 4 golfers:

In addition to the golf lessons the Golf Professional will accompany you on the golfcourse to give you some vital tips to help you with your golfcourse management. Greenfees are not included.

  2 days x 2 hrs lessons + 1 x 9 holes=€240.00 
  2 days x 3 hrs includes video analysis + 1 x 9 holes=€310.00

  3 days x 2 hrs lessons + 2 x 9 holes=€390.00
  3 days x 3 hrs includes video analysis + 2 x 9 holes=€495.00

  4 days x 2 hrs lessons + 2 x 9 holes=€480.00
  4 days x 3 hrs includes video analysis + 2 x 9holes=€ 625.00

( includes complimentary PlayBetterGolf-Algarve polo-shirt ) 
Golf Tuition
                                     Golf lessons

Driving:Hitting Longer drives,how to get rid off a slice or hook

Iron Play: Learning how to compress the golfball

Bunker play: How to get closer to the pin

Chipping: Saving strokes around the green

Putting: Consistency is the key to success

Approach shots: More shots closer to the flag  

Let us know what your game needs most !
                                     Golf Course Management

Golfcourse strategy: Know your own yardages 

Iron Play: Laying up can be the clever option

Bunker play: How to get closer to the pin

Chipping: Which club to use

Putting: Reading greens

Approach shots: Have you considered all the elements 

Let us know what your game needs most !
Club Hire

Our club hire deal extends to the period you are in the Algarve. If you decide to play several rounds of golf in addition to the golf lessons you
will receive your own set of golfclubs for up to one week. 

Car Rental

We can arrange for car rental from Faro Airport for the duration of your stay in the Algarve. CDW excess insurance is included. So in case of any damage to the vehicle you do not have any liabilities.

( excludes tyres and glass )


For our golfcourse management instruction we recommend either 
Vila Sol golfcourse or PineCliffs depending on your level of play.
The typical greenfee for 9 holes is 
€ 40.00 euros

In addition we can reserve teetimes for any of the 35 golfcourses around the Algarve at discounted greenfee prices

Academy locations

The lessons take place for central Algarve in Vilamoura and for the west of the Algarve at the Pestana Academy near Vale de Pinta golfcourse.

Additional Information

Golf Instruction for beginners
1, 2 ,3 or 4 golfers:

We very much welcome beginners to our golf instruction weeks.
A typical week would have the following program:

Day1 : 10:00 - 12.00 & 13:00 -14:30
Day2 : 10:00 - 12.00 & 13:00 -14:30
Day3 : 10:00 - 12.00 & 13:00 -14:30

Day off

Day5 : 10:00 - 12.00 & 9 holes Pinecliffs
Day6 : 10:00 - 12.00 & 9 holes Pinecliffs

  • Set up
  • Grip
  • Alignment
  • Chipping
  • Pitching
  • Putting
  • Bunker play
  • Tee shots

The last two days you will be able to test your golfing skills at the beautiful 9 hole PineCliffs golfcourse.

 During the week you will also learn more about the rules and etiquette of golf.

Prices per person in euros

                                           4 golfers:   € 299.00 
                                           3 golfers:   € 364.00
                                           2 golfers:   € 498.00
                                           1 golfer  :   € 846.00    
 Golf for beginners

What is included

  • Golf Tuition
  • Golf clubs
  • Driving range golfballs
  • 2 x Greenfee Pinecliffs
  • PlayBetterGolf polo-shirt
  • R&A Rulebook

We can help with:

Car Rental