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Prices start from £ 320 pp for 7 nights accommodation
and 4 rounds of golf!
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Friendly debate on everything Golf 
 How well do we know the game of golf ?

I bet that most of the golfers in the Commonwealth countries and the United States did not realise that most Europeans need to pass a Golfing exam  before they are allowed on a golf course. The course consists of between 12 and 16 hours of tuition depending on how many students take part. Most golf academies advertise for a maximum of 4 students per teaching pro. In addition to these hours they are expected to practise these learned techniques until they have reached a certain level of consistency to play a Tee-shot 120 m ( 132 yrds ) straight onto the fairway. (Ladies 100 m). Once they have "mastered" fairway shots, chipping, bunkershots and putting a playing exam awaits the very nervous student. The points (some variation on this depending which country the exam is taken) are awarded according to the Stableford system. Over a 9 hole test the 6 best played holes need to add up to 12 points with 3 over par equaling 2 points or Par.  95% of students will manage this. Quite remarkable considering the average age for a beginner is 40.  My oldest student started at 72 years young. But what I really appreciate about having to do a course in golf is that the second part before they pass, is a theory and etiquette exam. Yes, every beginner learns the most important rules of the game of golf and how not to waste time on a golf course before they ever played a round. The question I would like to post : Should we not introduce this to the English speaking world. The argument has been that we grow up with the sport and like football we just know! I disagree. The number of times I see players scoring their card before leaving the green or placing their trolleys on the wrong side of the next tee or not repairing pitchmarks is numerous. I forget the number of times I have had to explain the rules that apply for an unplayable ball to one of my fellow players. If in doubt ask a Dutchman, German or Norwegian.
Funny that ! Do you agree or disagree with an exam for every player? 
 Learn to improve your game from Green to Tee 

Having just seen Fred Funk come close to winning the Senior British open and follow that up by winning the US senior open, proves that we can score well without being the longest player on the planet. It always amazes me when I see how few times the players leading the longest drive stats, win tournaments. See who you recognise from the following US PGA list:

1   . Robert Garrigus   310.2 
2     Bubba Watson     310.1 
T3   Dustin Johnson    307.3 
T3   Gary Woodland    307.3 
5     Nick Watney         304.1

Ok, so most of us will have heard of Bubba Watson. Imagine playing a 460 yard par 4 and facing a 135 yard wedge shot for your approach. Would be nice, would it not?. How can those guys not win every second week? Well, they are obviously not very good at approach shots, chipping and putting! (Measured in terms of PGA tour pro level.)  It is the same when we walk onto a driving range. Every one without exception is practising their long game.The full swing. 
It is obvious that as we can not see our own swing it will be difficult to make great improvements quickly, without the help of video and a golf teacher. What probably happens is that we're grooving the swingfault (s) by hitting ball after ball , bucket after bucket.    
So, if you're serious about reducing your handicap start practising chipping, putting and pitching and probably in that order. Not only are you going to get more up and downs you will also feel more in control of your game when you do miss a green. This in turn takes the tension out of your approach shots. There are plenty of short game drills described on varying websites that can be easily understood and will bring great rewards. And book a lesson if you're hoping to improve your full swing.  

Do you have any comments on this article? 
For more stats on the 
PGA Tour 
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  Green fee packages 
Algarve golf, is it expensive ? 

 Excluding the costs of flights you can come to the Algarve to 
 play 4 rounds of golf:

 (e.g Castro Marim, Quinta do Vale, Salgados and Pinheiros Altos)  

 stay for 6 nights in reasonable accommodation for less than £ 240.00    per person sharing a twin room. Add a relatively small cost for hiring 
 a car or private airport and golf transfers and you have got it covered.    For groups of eight players it is even cheaper as on several courses       you would receive a free place. Pestana courses being one of the          surprise exceptions. Our advice is to get the golf holiday organised        early, as the greatest variable will be your flight prices. 
 The sooner you get them booked the more you save. 

High season for golf are the months of 
16 - 28 February, March, April, May, 
 16 -30 September, October and November. 

 It means you will save on green fees the remaining months of the year. Consider playing Algarve golf in June, September,
January and February. Some great offers are available.


Only fair to let you find the rules of golf!.

Home of Algarve golf
 Summer Specials at Vilamoura Golf courses released for 2015
1st June - 15th September 2015  

After the introduction of "Summer Specials " in 2010, Oceanico are continuing these popular greenfees for 2015. 
For the month of June and the first two weeks in September the greenfees are slighlty more per person compared to July and August. 
 The good news is that the Summer Special Greenfees are available 
for teeing off as early as 11am.

Buggies are included at Faldo GC and O'Connor jnr GC.
They are charged at € 20.00 for the five Vilamoura courses, Laguna, Millennium, the Old Course, Pinhal and Victoria 
and payable at reception on the day of play.

     What would be the best 5 round golf package in the Algarve?

The Algarve offers many 5 round packages to cater for all level of golf and budgets.  It is therefore difficult to come up with one 5 round package
that would be the ideal Algarve golf package for everyone. 
To list three Algarve golf itineraries would be catering for most golfers.
 The first is based on the finest golf courses
regardless of budgets and for golfers who love to play the most challenging courses.

A) San Lorenzo - Monte Rei - Vale do Lobo Royal - Faldo - Laranjal

The second itinerary I selected is for those players choosing to play the Vilamoura courses each time they are visiting the Algarve. This selection will not cost you anymore even including extra tranfers costs.  Never mind the transfer times, it is well worth it.

B) Quinta da Cima - Gramacho - Boavista -  Palmares - Vila Sol

This third selection represents great value for money. 

C) Alamos - Quinta do Vale - Vale da Pinta - Castro Marim - Santo Antonio   
     Don't miss out!

You may be surprised to learn that certain periods are booking up fast for Algarve golf.
Especially the month of October. To reserve consecutive (popular) teetimes between 09:00am and 13:30pm is proving very difficult for most days!
In particular for the Vilamoura courses, Vale do lobo and Quinta do Lago.

Equally busy are Vila Sol, and certain dates at Faldo and O'Connor Jnr.

If you are planning to come to the Algarve it is recommended you consider
late October and November. With superb autumn Algarve weather 
you will not be disappointed.    

    Many Group and Golf society organisers are busy arranging Algarve golf holidays
for February, March and June next year.  Dont miss out!